An Incomplete History of Mediæval Art

A non-chronological history of the art and architecture of the Middle Ages (A.D. 400-1400). The first 10 Installments will be published on a daily basis, beginning tomorrow; thereafter, new ones will be published at a rate of one per week.


I: Saint Denis and Gothic Art

II: The Carolingian Renovatio

III: Romanesque Manuscripts

IV: Grisaille, or The Abstention from Color

V: The Social and Material Contexts of Duccio’s Rucellai Madonna

VI: Beauvais Cathedral and the Limits of Gothic Verticality

VII: The Harrowing of Hell

VIII: The Sutton Hoo Ship Burial

IX: The Art of the Dark Ages

X. Simone Martini’s Saints

All texts ©2014 CG Hughes. No part shall be reproduced for any purpose other than reblogging without the author’s permission.


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